Air Cargo Charter

Tailored Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Our global network and expertise ensure your freight can be delivered anywhere in the world. Whatever the size or weight, our charter or hand-carry services will deliver on time. You can rely on our expertise 24/7 when it comes to aircraft capabilities, costing structures, operational processes, door-to-door transport and global aircraft availability.

What We Offer

Time Critical Freight

We understand the consequences caused by unexpected or sudden obstacles such as production stops, AOG cases or closed overland routes. Knowing the market and where to find the aircraft are of critical importance when time is tight.

Aviate Aviation can help your company with both.

Heavy And Oversized Cargo

Transporting your heavy and oversized cargo requires an in depth knowledge of the specialized aircraft which can perform the task. Should you need nose-loading freighters or ramp-loading aircraft to ship large containers, power units or transformers, we source the right jet to carry your cargo, no matter how heavy it might be.

Aviate Aviation offers a wide range of charter solutions for the transportation of heavy and oversized items that can’t be loaded onto scheduled services, such as oil industry equipment, aircraft engines, stage sets and vehicles. We have specialists with backgrounds in load planning, who are experts in securing the most suitable aircraft and airports, as well as arranging the necessary special loading equipment for each particular project.

We can source a range of aircraft to move heavy and oversized cargo, including:

Automotive And Aerospace

If you require quick transportation of parts, recurring materials transfers, and transport of large assembled pieces, Aviate Aviation is the right partner for seamless cargo charter solutions. We cater to the automotive and aviation industries, providing tailored air transportation solutions for every situation.

And Relief Cargo

Aviate Aviation can arrange aircraft quickly to promptly respond to emergencies around the globe. We support NGOs, governments and aid agencies to coordinate a wide range of cargo charters, from heavy equipment and vehicles to tents, blankets and food supplies to areas having suffered floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters.

High Value Cargo

If you are looking to ship high-value items such as precious metals, gold, jewels, art, antiques, or sensitive documents, Aviate Aviation will arrange for the perfect air transport solution.
Your precious cargo will be dealt with care and precision.

Our team goes above and beyond to handle high-value cargo with exceptional care from drop off to pick up.